Can cold weather kill cockroaches?


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No..they go underground
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No this will not kill cockroaches you have to Live traps work by attracting the cockroach to the trap with some form of bait. You can purchase live traps or make your own using a bowl with steep sides. Put petroleum jelly on the inner walls of the container so the cockroach can’t climb back out, and then put food and damp paper toweling at the bottom of the container. Make a paper ramp leading into the container so the cockroach climbs in due to the food but is unable to escape due to the petroleum jelly barrier. After trapping roaches, you can flush them down your toilet for sanitary disposal. If your homemade trap isn’t working, consider purchasing one. Traps have the added advantage of letting you discover where the roaches are congregating in your home—the traps with more bodies are in the more populated areas, which may need additional treatment.

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