Is It True That Chinese Food Is Made From Bugs Cockroach And Flies?


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bryan watson answered
Some things are made using insects like spider for instance but it's not all made of insects and most are not.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
That is a scary thought. I don't think they do that, but I wouldn't be surprised really. Because of all the stuff that ends up in walmart that they later find to be deceiving and made with things that the FDA wouldn't allow America to use. Shocking isn't it.
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Hello Boss answered
This may be true in China, most asian cultures use most anything edible in their diets. The US regulates how many of each species is allowed in our foodstuffs. This is a true statement, look it up.
ANNA JONES answered
Some are yes,don't you want a choc covered ant,they eat cat and dog too

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