When Is The 'Midge Season' In Scotland?


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The 'midge season' starts in about April and continues till the end of September. This is ironically also said to be the tourist season. It is at the beginning and at the end that the midges are said to be the most troublesome.

In the last few years the midge nuisance has become even worse due to various environmental reasons like Global Warming. These insects, the midges are also sometimes called the 'midgies' or the 'culicoides.' They are also referred to as the 'noseeums' (no-see-um) due to their tiny size. They generally prefer damp conditions and warm sunshine and are likely to be found near stagnant water bodies like ponds and lakes. The worst of this species is the Highland Biting Midge which is the most active during the months of June, July and August.

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