I Have A Rash Like Circle Under My Armpit, What Could It Be?


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The rash could be a sign of ringworm. Ringworm looks like a rash in the shape of a red ring. The inside of the ring generally looks normal.

Ringworm is a common skin infection that can occur on most areas of the skin. Although it may sound like it is a condition to do with a worm or another parasite, it is actually a fungal infection. If ringworm is suspected on the scalp it is important that the advice of a doctor is sought.

If ringworm is suspected elsewhere on the body then anti-fungal cream can be purchased from a pharmacy and applied to the infected area. With the application of this, the condition should improve. If it persists then the advice of a doctor can be obtained.

     The fungus that causes the infection is known as dermatophytes. This fungus lives off keratin, a waterproof tissue commonly found in the skin, nails and hair. These areas of the body are some of the most often to be attacked by the fungus. The fungi consist of tiny spores that can live on the skin for months. They can also live in soil or on objects such as combs or towels that then come into contact with a person.

The condition can be passed on easily from another person or animal if they already have it. The fungi can also be passed from objects. The least common way is through prolonged exposure to soil that is infected with the fungus.
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I have a reddish circle under my armpits but it doesnt hurt or have any bumps or burn what do I do?
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If its small, red, round, and it itches its probably a wingworm. You can go to the local drugstore and by some cream over the counter.
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It could be a number of things: Ringwarm, shinggles.... I could go on. See your dr. And get that treated before it gets worse and spreads.
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First you could try a light steroid cream that is antifungil. In the foot section by the pharmacy.

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