What Colour Are Dolphins? Blue/grey? Please Reply As There Is A Family Debate Going On!


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I think they're a grey-ish blue! Well, I guess if I had to pick I'd say they're grey but water reflects the blue colour onto them. You can actually get pink dolphins, though.

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The common dolphin is usually grey.


Scholastic: Dolphin body color is highly variable. Some, like the killer whale, are strikingly black and white. Other dolphins — like the pilot and false killer whales — are almost solid black. The bottlenose dolphin is usually some shade of gray, but it is much lighter on its belly than on its back. This kind of coloring may help camouflage dolphins in the water. Looking down on them, the dark colors blend in with the ocean. Looking up from underneath, the patches of light and dark skin blend in with the sunlight coming through the water.

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Grey, sometimes with a hint of blue.

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