How Do Plants And Animals Survive In Tundra Biome?


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The plants and animals that live and survive in the Tundra Biome are animals that are meant for the area. Like a Hoofed Ox, its special thing to survive in the Tundra is its hooves, they break through ice to get fish out of the water. Plants survive by competing to get the most sunlight when they can in the few months of summer. I hope this helps you! : )
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The weather conditions are very extreme in Tundra Biome but still there are more than 1700 species of plants which are found there. The survival of plants in this biome is possible because such plants grow there which are adaptable to this environment like mosses, grasses, lichens, sedges, and shrubs. Even the flowers of 400 types grow but they can live only for about 50 to 60 days. Trees do not grow there but few birches of small altitude are found there. Most of the plants which are found there do not need much water like shrubs. In this way the plants which are adaptable with the atmosphere of Tundra only survive there.

There is not much biodiversity found in Tundra and only 48 species of land mammals are found there. Some of the animals which are found here include wolves, rodents, haresdeer, bears, foxes, and shrews. These animals and a number of others have adapted themselves in the extreme conditions of Tundra. These animals are both vegetarian and carnivores and they have access to limited resources. Just take the example of polar bears who eat flesh meat and they can smell their prey from 20 miles. This shows that God has blessed them with all of the features which they need in this extreme environment. 

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