How Does Soil Erosion Affects Animals?


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To a point it could. The erosion could destroy the plants and the ability of trees to grow taking away the animals natural habitat. And the erosion could also destroy the land where they use to build their homes,nest,den.from one article I read this in turn could mess with their ability to have offspring making their numbers dwindle.and eventually causing them to become endangered or extinct.
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Animals are affected by this because, if there
are not enough plants to go around for all of the animals to eat the animals
could starve. If these animals starve, this could make humans start to starve.
If humans start to starve, this could lead to many deaths. #

Pesticides which are flooded by the
erosion, can enter the oceans or seas and poison the fishes in the oceans or

Animals that drink the water that has
been contaminated with debris will die because of the poison.

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soil erosion destroys the habitats of animals causing them to become endangered or extinct

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