What Is Lump On Side Of Dog Body Below Rib Cage?


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Soft lumps in dogs are usually lipomas. These are rounded, soft and fatty tumors that can occur anywhere under the skin in dogs. These lipomas are harmless and usually don't require treatment. Sometimes, these lipomas are located on a site or size of this growth is so large that dogs feel irritations. In such cases surgery can be performed.

Other possibilities in your dog are
  1. Warts
  2. Sebaceous cysts
  3. Hives
  4. Hematomas
  5. Infected hair follicles
  6. Abscess
  7. Cancerous growth
So, soft lump in your dog should be evaluated by your local vet for proper treatment. Take your dog to vet.
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My Lhasa Apso has the same thing. I actually had hers biopsied since it was growing fairly rapidly and we had lost another dog of ours to cancer. Hers thankfully turned out to be fatty tissue ( a cyst). Our vet said we could have it removed or not. Either way it is not harmful to her. I highly recommend you getting it biopsied to rule out anything serious.
Good luck!
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This could be an insect bite, abscess--possibly started from a foreign body like a grass awn, cyst, or tumor.  Tumors-both benign (like the lipomas-fatty tumors) and malignant ones-are uncommon in puppies this young but can occur.  The most common type of tumor in young dogs are papillomas (warty tumors) and histiocytomas-also benign.
Have this lump examined by a veterinarian.  They will do a fine needle aspirate--place a needle into the lump to get some cells to look at under the microscope.  This will help identify what the lump is and guide treatment.
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My doberman has 2 of these which have appeared recently, she is happy and still charging about so I hope it's nothing serous:)
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It could also be hernia (my cat has that) or a number of other things.  Call the vet and get his.her input!
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It may be a benign cyst or tumor, or it may be cancer. You need to take your dog to your vet and have the lump removed before it is too late for your dog.

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