I Have Found A Miss Printed Quarter. Both Sides Have An Eagle. There Is No Date On It. When You Hold It Upright The Other Side Is Sideways. Is It Worth Anything?


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I truly believe you may have quite a find my dear...locate a coin dealer & they can advise you as to its worth.♥
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My husband found one but with heads on each side, what it is is a magicians coin. We called to find out about my hubby's and that was quite interesting to know. It isn't worth anything though, darn it! Hope this helps.
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Winter answered
Magicians coin. I remember when I was 5, a while ago and I went to the store to by 3 packs of bubble gum. It was so funny for all the people in line they laughed so hard, I started to cry, the cashier gave me a pack of bubble gum though, she was really nice.

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