There Are 7 Girls On A Bus. Each Girl Has 7 Backpacks. There Are 7 Big Cats In Each Backpack. There Are 7 Little Cats For Each Big Cat. How Many Legs Are There In The Bus?


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I really want to know the answer for this one as its driving me nuts. I think the real answer is 9618. There are 343 big cate in the 49 backbacks. There is 2,401 small cats and big cats total. Times 4 is 9604 then add the girls legs(14) and you get 9618.
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To calculate the number of legs, cut it short and simple:
7 girls = 14 legs
7 Big cats = 28 legs
49 small cats (7 for 1 big cat) = 343 legs
Total legs = 385
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You forgot one little part, there are 7 big cats for every backpack. Each girl on the bus has 7 backpacks.
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14. The question simply states there are 7 girls on the bus, says nothing about them having their bags or cats with them

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