Show Me A Picture Of A Dotson Dog?


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Susan answered
Did you mean a Dachshound?  Often called a "weenie" dog?  If so like the nickname would imply, they are long bodied with short legs.  Tail is left long, ears are somewhat long and flopped.  They can be a variety of colors ranging from solid red or black with tan markings to dappled or piebald (coat in any of the other colors with white marking).
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Thats my dog    heidi
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Here is the link to the Dachshund breed parent club for more information and some others as well. They are very varied in color and even have three different coat types which are smooth, long and wire coated. If you find a color you like you may want to make you research it first since there are so many with the breed and some of the genes or the breeding behind them can produce some additional problems.

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