What Methods Does The Rspca Use?


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The RSPCA prosecute anyone and everyone they can (except vets who help them) to make money. The more publicity they get from prosecutions the better e.g disabled, pensioners, politicians, police etc.
They licence "Freedom Foods" where they take protection money not to prosecute farmers for horrendous conditions. The RSPCA train magaistrates to ensure that no one gets a fair trial and coach witnesses to ensure a conviction.
The RSPCA have a conviction for perverting the course of justice. They made recent headlines for killing 10 German Shepherds with a bolt gun and for killing peoples pets only hours after they have illegally seized (stolen) them.
The RSPCA operate a scheme where they offer to look after your pet if you die (for a fee), its been discovered that they just kill them anyway and pocket the money.
The RSPCA are suoopsedly governed under the Charities Commission who turn a blind eye to all of this, perhaps its becasue the RSPCA make (indirect) donations to political parties.

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