What Does The American Cocker Spaniel Look Like?


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The American Cocker Spaniel comes in three different colours i.e. ASCOB (Any Solid Colour Other than Black) and black. Other solid colours include sable, buff, red and chocolate. Common colours include tricolour (black, white and tan), chocolate and tan and black and tan. They have a domed head, short deep muzzle, and large dark expressive eyes; all characteristic breed points. The coat is long, flowing, abundant and silky. Their striking feature is the long, luxuriantly feathered ears. Cockers bred for hunting tend to have longer muzzles and shorter coats compared to show or pet cockers because long coat turns difficult to manage when working. American Cocker Spaniels are typically trusting, intelligent and happy. They are basically soft dogs who do not take harsh or rough training very well.   

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