Is Kelp The Same As Seaweed?


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Kelp, a kind of seaweed, belongs to the category of brown algae and is classified under order Laminariales. Although they appear aquatic, they are not grouped with the usual land or aquatic plants. Instead they are classified under kingdom Chromista or Protista. It needs nutrient-rich water for its growth and is usually found in oceans and clear water. It is used as food by some sea creatures while it's used for protection by others.

Kelp ash is known to be used in the creation of glass and soap. A carbohydrate derived from kelp known as alginate is used in products like jelly, toothpaste, salad dressing and ice cream as a thickening agent. Kelp tends to form small colonies. These colonies are known as kelp forests. They usually stretch from 2 to 30 meters or more.

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