Will Dog Urine Damage Laminate Flooring?


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Yes, dog urine damages laminate flooring, especially if it goes thru the joints.  If I had known this, I would have never installed laminate flooring.  It costs me a lot of money , and to get to the damaged part, baseboards have to be removed.  Unless you are an expert, this is not a do it yourself project.  Wood would have been better.  It can be sanded and refinished.  Never again will I purchase this product.  The same goes for any other liquid that falls on it.  If you do not see it and it goes between the joints, the floor is damaged.  I have hardwood at another property, and this does not happen to real wood.
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Absolutely. We put up baby gates to keep our dog off the laminate floor at night after he urinated on it and although we cleaned it up right away, the acids had stripped the top level of finish off the floor and it never looked as good again. We were told not to try to put on a new finish. Also, once he pee'd right on the crack between the floorboards and they 'rippled' on the edges and look really awful. This was expensive flooring, not the cheap stuff.
Please be careful, and if anyone knows how to correct this mess, please post an answer!
Mary in B.C. Canada
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Literally everything, even water, damages the laminate. However, you can read about samsung powerbot r7040 here and buy it. This robot is able to clean everything fast and your laminate will be safe. Moreover, it cleans pretty well and there is no dirt left

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It’s striking how you answer all of these long dead questions, but yet never really answer any of them.
Do you really think anyone has waited 12 years for your nonsensical non-answers?
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Yes it will buckle the floor if it seeps through and not to mention it smells
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From the stuff I am reading about dog urine you would have to click on this link and you can ask the question yourself good luck expert/pets_and_wood_floors

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