Did People Ever Put Glasses On Chickens?


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There was a government research done done back in the 60s or 70s
That my Grandmother was involved in putting eye glasses on chickens
they were colored to see if this would reduce loss due to that chickens pick at each other creating sickness and death
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Ronnie Maye
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Thanks for the correct answer, you are 100% correct. :-) I was involved in this test also in Tennessee.
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In the 1940's, my father had over 800 white Leghorn layers on which we had placed red plastic hinged lenses to their beaks. White chickens were notorious cannibals to each other. We also used curved rectangular metal tail-end guards on these chickens. Both of these safety features were very effective. White Leghorns were known as "egg machines" which made these glasses and guards worth the effort in preventing loss of chickens. I suggest you go to www.nationalband.com/nbtcohis.htm for the complete story.
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Some people still do!Chicken glasses, or spectacles, date back over 80 years. The red-tinted glasses were placed on a chicken's beak to make the bird colorblind to the color red, thusly preventing chickens, who will peck at blood on another chicken, from pecking each other to death. Some versions were hinged and swung forward allowing for normal vision when leaning down to eat or drink.Who would have ever thought a chicken would be stylin' in rose-colored glasses?
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What are you talking about? Why in the world would anyone put glasses on a chicken or any other animal for that matter? What purpose would they serve? This either has to be a joke or the most ridiculous question I've ever seen. Please explain yourself.
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why did the chicken cross the road ?
he didn't intend to, he just couldn't see where he was going........!!
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I don't understand...do you mean to put colored glass into the chickens? Because that would be a really stupid thing to do. Or do you mean ''did people put colored eyeglasses on chickens?''

There is no point of a chicken with glasses anyways because he will eventually be on your dinner plate.
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Yes my great grandmother put little spectacles on some of her chickens, don't know why.

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