How Much Is 100 Grams Of Chicken?


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If you’re looking for the calorific content of chicken, you’ll be interested to know that there are typically 150 calories or so per serving. This may vary slightly depending on how you cook the poultry, and if the weight of the chicken is 100g when cooked, you will probably find that there will be several more calories per portion.

Being sensible with your calories is an excellent way to get a balanced diet, allowing you to take necessary steps to feeling and looking great. On average, men require 2,500 of calories per day, while women just need 2,000 calories. In order to ensure that you are counting the calories and lying comfortably within these limits, visit for a comprehensive list of the calories in the foodstuffs we use every day.

If you’re looking for a really healthy way to get recommended levels of protein, as well as satisfying the recommended five-a-day portion of fruit and vegetables, a tasty chicken salad will be of interest. Once you’ve got some fresh rocket salad from the supermarket, cut your grilled chicken into fine slices and throw on top some freshly-chopped radishes, cucumber, shaved carrot, beetroot, spring onion, cress, red onion, peppers and some avocado in order to get a rich variety of textures. Because each of these food types has different vitamins and minerals, your balanced diet will leave you feeling great and full of energy. Good luck in your pursuit to a healthier lifestyle, and don’t forget to be creative with your cooking!

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