What Animals Eat Pigs?


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Humans are pigs’ biggest predators – especially now that we farm them!

In their natural habitat, pigs (or small boar) would face threats from lions, anacondas, human hunters, and wolves.

Essentially, any meat-eating animal that's capable of taking down a pig will probably do so if it gets the chance.

Nowadays, you don’t see many wild pigs – not of the type that we farm, anyway. The pigs that you find in the wild are usually the really hairy sort and are closely related to wild boar (these are the ones with tusks)!

Pigs are quite robust, and they’ve got really powerful teeth. This makes them pretty tough to catch and kill, and is partly why pigs don’t have that many natural predators.

If you want an example of how powerful pigs’ jaws are, just think of those horror stories you hear about people being murdered and fed to pigs - they eat the bones, and everything!
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Snakes, Komodo Dragons, other pigs (savage), and of course little boys and girls and their mommies and daddies and friends!

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