Can Grape Juice Hurt Your Dog?


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Yes, grape juice can hurt your dog. Grapes and Rasins are very toxic to dogs. If they consume enough it can kill them very quickly. I think it destroys their kidneys. They go into renal failure. After that they have a day or two a best. Chocolate is another food toxic to dogs and cats.
I would call the vet.
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thanks a lot, I did not know this. My dog eats an occasional grape when one drops from the bunch in my hands. I will be more careful!
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I think that you should avoid giving grape juice or other citrus fruit juices like orange or lemon to dogs since it is known to cause kidney disorders in them.
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Grapes, and their various dried forms are toxic to dogs, though individual dogs vary in how susceptible they are. An article on this was written in the British dog press by a vet.
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For the past 2 1/2 years, my poodle sometimes licks the bottom of my glass when I take my Himalayan Goji juice in the morning and is healthy as can be. A few month ago, I gave him 1/3 oz of the juice about 4 times in 12 hrs when he caught a very bad heavy cough from my neighbors' dogs and he was completely cured in less than 24 hrs and the cough never returned. Their vet had them on antibiotics for quite a few days. Thanks for your comments about the grape juice contained in the Himalayan Goji juice....
Martha Uscanga

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