Can I Buy A Seat For My Pet Dog To Travel With Me In The Cabin Of An Airline?


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Most airlines allow passengers to travel with their pet dogs in a travel bag or a kennel box (available from most airlines) but the pet must not weight more than 6 kgs, these bags(kennel boxes fit under the seat in front of you.

Charges may vary from airline to airline but it can cost anywhere from usd150.00 - 250.00 each way. There is a limit of 2-3 dogs per flt. So please check with the airlines before planning a trip if there are any other pets on the same flt as yours.

If heavier than 6 kgs, they will have to travel as cargo in the hold. I had my dogs travel from usa to europe on klm and had to pay usd250 per dog Éach way (usd 500.00 return per dog).

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You can not take your pets with you in the plane but you can take them with you through the box and services which are especially provided for these purposes but you've to pay for getting these services for your pets.
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you can in fact take your pet on the airplane with you. This is known as Emotional Pets and you will need a Dr. to write that the pet eases your anxiety of flying etc. If your pet is big you may need to buy a seat but usually we let the passenger keep the pet on their lap or in a dog kennel at the foot of their feet. There is a way, you just need a Dr. to essentially prescribe the dog to accompany you. Call your airline to make sure that they accept emotional pets. I know that United Airlines will.
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Thankyou for the answer but can you advise me on who to contact

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