Will Leaving Dirty Dishes In Your Sink Cause Roaches To Appear When You Have Never Had Them In The Past?


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Actually you have roaches or you don't, the dirty dishes will only attract them to a place that can be seen by you. So you if you rather live in denial then don't take the chance, but if you're house just doesn't have roaches and you're sure of it (my house is a SMALL very SMALL room so I know what goes on, spiders, some ants during summer but no roaches). Though leaving dishes for a long period (more than a week) will increase the risks of dangerous bacteria and unhealthy odors which are bad and definitely worse than roaches!!
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It's a big world out there! There are more insects in the world than there are humans! We don't even know half the species of insects and where they hide, so there is a major possibility that a roach or two appears out of nowhere and scares the daylight out of you! So STAY CLEAN!
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No, in fact its totally a fancy. Leaving dirty dishes in your sink would not lead to roaches but they can cause some insects if weather is hot.

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