Are Dog Illnesses Such As Pnemonia Contagious To Other Dogs They Have Been In Contact With?


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Yes, pnemonia in dogs IS contagious, just like in people, but it can be treated with antibiotics.
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My dog was boarding in the kennel and was admitted to the hospital there for having a fever and throwing up. When he came home he was doing the same thing. The vomiting continued and he became very ill. I took him back to the vet and he has been diagnosed with pneumonia. He was healthy at home, so is the pneumonia contagious?
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My dog was recently boarded in the kennel. He was admitted to he hospital with a fever and vomiting we found out when we went to pick him up. We were told he was fine. Even at home he returned to vomit and act very sick. He has now been diagnosed with pneumonia since being boarded. Is pneumonia contagious?
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Pneumonia is not contagious to dogs. Dog can catch kennel cough from another dog
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No, the dog illnesses or dog diseases such as pneumonia or other diseases like this are not contagious to other dogs if they are in contact with.

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