Explain The Distribution, Habitat And External Features Of Amphioxus?


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About 9 species of Amphioxus have been reported from various ocean of the world. It has been recorded from Mediterranean to the North Sea and on east coast of North America. It is especially abundant near the coasts of China and Japan where it is sold as food.

It is marine inhabitant of shallow waters and makes burrows in the sand. Mostly it is buried in sand in an upright condition with only the anterior end protruding above the sand. However at night or dusk, it comes out the sand and swims actively.

External Features:
Shape, Size and Color:
Amphioxus has a superficial resemblance to a small fish, because its body is pointed at both ends and bears fins. The name Amphioxus was given due to the pointed ends. It is about 4 to 5 cm in length. The body is whitish nearly transparent, compressed and elongated.

Division of the Body:
Its body is only divided into two regions. The greater anterior region consists of trunk, and a much shorter post anal back region is the tail. The anterior of the trunk makes in front as a pointed snout.

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